Sometimes people say cool things about our band! Here are some of those things.

A write-up about the release of “Devil on Your Back” and the band's story: “‘Devil On Your Back’ expands the soul and R&B sonic palette of the first album to incorporate rock, funk, metal and more.”   Jim Catalano, The Ithaca Journal, 3/30/17

A review of “Devil on Your Back”: “Felice’s deep and sultry vocals are complimented by the band’s jazzy blues stylings. The sound is full and robust, and the instrumental breakdowns give the musicians an opportunity to flaunt their skills. [The] entire album seems timeless and classic – with songs which could fit in as easily on a playlist with Joss Stone and Amy Winehouse as with Carole King or Janis Joplin.”   —Paula Cummings, NYS Music, 3/28/17

A review of “Devil on Your Back”: “The album is a spectacular blend of funk, blues, soul, and alternative rock. With an infectious beat, memorable melodies, instrumental precision, and hypnotizing vocal delivery, Devil On Your Back delivers track after track of groove-driven delight.”   —George W. Wilhelm III, New Music Friday, 3/24/ 17

The 2014 “Jimmy Awards”: “Diving for Falls” named #3 Ithaca area album (“A stunning debut”) and Julia Felice co-best female vocalist (“Felice's vocals recall R&B chanteuses such as Adele and Amy Winehouse.”)   —Jim Catalano, The Ithaca Journal, 12/31/14

A write-up about the release of our debut album, “Diving for Falls”: Read about our earliest beginnings, and our first show!